Erin was raised in the Seacoast of New Hampshire.  That 17 miles exposed to the Atlantic Ocean influenced her design work with an urgency for resilient solutions, high-performance building systems and a healthy dose of optimism. “Yankee ingenuity” shall never be underestimated. 

Her formal design training began at the University of Colorado Boulder where Erin received a Bachelor of Environmental Design.  The clear blue skies for 300 days a year (not 200 like New England seacoast) and a steady boyfriend had Erin inclined to stay in Colorado following graduation.  MCB Architects (a firm of 15-20) hired Erin as an intern where she worked directly with the principal-in-charge of several western slope school projects over a 5-year period.  Two other milestones occurred in that time: she earned a Master of Architecture from the University of Colorado and married another Architect-in-training: Adam Braunstein.

Erin joined a slightly larger firm when the opportunity came about. Barker Rinker Seacat Architecture had a staff of 25-30.  Soon after licensure and recognizing her performance as project architect of a large precast office for Arapahoe County, she was promoted to senior associate.  BRS’s primary practice centered on indoor aquatic design.  Thus, Erin served as project architect on multiple recreation centers including Federal Way,Washington;  Littleton, Colorado and Shawnee, Oklahoma

Getting weary from travel she elected  to take a family sabbatical and enjoy being a full time mother of two young boys. The timing of the choice could not have been known to be so terrible.  The recession of Fall 2008 took an enormous toll on the economy.  

Two years later Erin was ready to get back to work.  Understanding Revit was a means to prepare for the return.  While the break from work certainly interrupted the trajectory of Erin’s professional path, it led to a unique opportunity to work with H+L Architecture on two large healthcare projects underway between 2010-2015, The replacement Denver VA medical center design underway in Aurora and a bed tower addition to the Children’s Hospital also in Aurora.   With connections to both project managers she was able to join the firm.  Her husband Adam had been at H+L for 16 years and led the VA project.  Her former supervisor from MCB was leading the Children’s hospital.  Over the 5 years at H+L she contributed to each team as a design and technical architect.  

Contributing as one of many technical staff architects on these two large, critical healthcare projects underscored for her the importance of collaboration.  Not only did the design team require a healthy amount of that skill for integration but the client’s willingness to that effect set the foundation for success (or lack thereof).  Communication, trust placed with the design team, and transparency of client leadership were essential. Period.

Erin left H+L and continued healthcare sector work when joining Davis Partnership Architects.  There she was responsible for construction administrative responsibilities on some VA senior living projects and becoming a specialist regarding pharmacy USP 797 and 800 regulations.  Assessments and design of renovations to comply with those upcoming regulations kept Erin busy in the healthcare renovation sector.   Exercising her passion for sustainable design however was not satisfied given the roles she served at Davis.Turning 50 this year and becoming an “empty nester” it is an auspicious year as it was. With COVID 19 spurring firm lay-offs in July and a dismal lookout for design work at Denver firms.  The universe had spoken. 

In a spirit of resilience  Erin formed ebCOLLABORATIVE LLC in September 2020. The practice emphasis is in sustainable design, recognizing enduring benefits for every building . 

 Erin is a licensed architect in Colorado.  She holds professional certifications of LEED AP, WELL AP and EDAC.  She is an active member of the American Institute of Architects, serving as a committee chair for the AIA Colorado Architectural Advocacy Committee.  Recently she has become an active member of the Golden Chapter of Citizens Climate League.  That group is focused on advocating for the passage of  H.R. 763  The bi-partisan energy innovation and carbon dividend act. 

Sesame Street : She’s an Architect ! – 1974 

Grew up in the Seacoast of NH.



Bachelor of Environmental Design : Boulder Colorado


Architectural intern with MCB Architects: New construction : Western slope of Colorado
Construction Administration trips every 2 weeks for a year with Partner in Charge. 
Masters Degree at CU Denver




Joined Barker Rinker Seacat in ’98. 

Architectural Precast Design for Arapahoe County : New construction for social services offices





Architectural Precast Design, Project Architect for the life of the project










Architectural Precast Design



Multiple projects focused on Indoor Aquatic Environments



Earned AP credential in 2010


Joined H+L in 2010 – Design Architect on Cherry Creek High School Pool Addition/Renovation
VAMC Denver Medical Center – Project Architect DD-CD’s : Energy Center  



Project Architect with H+L : Deliver Parking Garage Design in Collaboration with SOM
                   A Parking structure….



flanking 17th St of Anschutz Medical Campus






Devil is in the detail for Healthcare and Senior Living projects.
2016 – Joined Davis Partnership


Work destinations in Georgia, Kansas, Montana and Washington D.C. : VA + SCL Healthcare clients.
Early adopter: 2016 – WELL AP credential 

 2017 – Earned EDAC credential 
imperative for Regenerative Design