Married 26 years and still counting.

Here is a very public statement to the love of my life.  Thank you for lovingly standing by my side for the past 31 years.  We found trusting each other and common interests that are standing the test of time.  

Since my spouse is also an architect it is needless to say we both love Architecture, and quality design.  We care deeply about the work we do every day.  I enjoy what we share outside of our chosen professions that keep our bond especially strong.

I think much of our success is because we keep each other laughing.  Many problems seem to  melt away, or at least seem less severe when we share those moments,  mutually amused about something quite ridiculous.  I wouldn’t want to be giggling, chuckling, or cracking up with anyone but you.

The next part of the chemistry equation has to do with our healthy appetite for travel & adventure.  We have been so fortunate to have had so many opportunities to fantastic destinations over the years.   We are also extremely blessed to have the rocky mountains within reach for connecting to nature at any time, ski season or otherwise. 

Finally, I’m so fortunate to have partnered with someone that has such  a deep sense of caring.  It shows every day for family and friends.  You advocate for honesty and integrity, a caring for your co-workers, clients.  Your expectations are highest for yourself.  I want you to know that I love you the most and am so glad to have been married for 26 years and still counting.


Paella Cooking Class   

  next door to the Barcelona Food Market 

Yurt Destination in State Forest State Park near Walden

Lucky to live in Colorado
Mother Nature is unequaled as an architectural instructor

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