Imagination and personal identity. 

Some of my first memories of wanting to become an architect revolve around this video segment from Sesame Street I recall seeing as a child.  I did not know at that time that this woman was the highly regarded … Judith Edelman seen in this post.…   I just saw a person walking into a building under construction like she owned the place.  It was her conception.  Perfect.

That aligned perfectly with my finest imaginative skill i enjoyed then as much as I do today:  PLACEMAKING..

  • the LEGO ski-doo villages I imagined for the arctic tundra (a good contrast to my surroundings, blocks splayed out everywhere in front of the family room stove).
  • my barbie luxury townhome, at least 6 stories worth – imagined above a venice canal (the carpeted steps overlooking the brick foyer floor below). 

In the forested outdoors of North Hampton , NH  I imagined so many other perfect places and spaces:

  • A reclusive safety of a secret hideout. The negative space between two massive granite stones the glaciers had tossed aside creating a kid sized a-frame
  • The forest floor producing a moss blanket at the foot of some young trees.  A lady slipper was known to emerge occasionally nearby. 
  • The exposed underbelly where the roots of a fallen tree protect an open spot for something special
  • or a tower for fairies in the decomposing woodpile next to the driveway.

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