Head out this winter to help keep our local restaurants thriving

I had a great opportunity earlier this month to participate in a charrette  with other professionals at the request of Governor Polis and the Colorado restaurant association.

My team was tasked with an affordable concept solution to winterize rooftop dining.   The group consisted of state and local authorities, landscape architects, mechanical and structural engineers and general contractors.  Together we wrestled with ideas and came up with a series of solutions we think make eating out in Colorado memorable.  These solutions  and comfortable for guest and staff and minimize the risk of transmitting the COVID virus to others.

Look for a posting  where our concept and the 8 others will be posted HERE.after Sunday November 1   along with information on grant programs available.


Imagination and personal identity. 

Some of my first memories of wanting to become an architect revolve around this video segment from Sesame Street I recall seeing as a child.  I did not know at that time that this woman was the highly regarded … Judith Edelman seen in this post.…   I just saw a person walking into a building under construction like she owned the place.  It was her conception.  Perfect.

That aligned perfectly with my finest imaginative skill i enjoyed then as much as I do today:  PLACEMAKING..

  • the LEGO ski-doo villages I imagined for the arctic tundra (a good contrast to my surroundings, blocks splayed out everywhere in front of the family room stove).
  • my barbie luxury townhome, at least 6 stories worth – imagined above a venice canal (the carpeted steps overlooking the brick foyer floor below). 

In the forested outdoors of North Hampton , NH  I imagined so many other perfect places and spaces:

  • A reclusive safety of a secret hideout. The negative space between two massive granite stones the glaciers had tossed aside creating a kid sized a-frame
  • The forest floor producing a moss blanket at the foot of some young trees.  A lady slipper was known to emerge occasionally nearby. 
  • The exposed underbelly where the roots of a fallen tree protect an open spot for something special
  • or a tower for fairies in the decomposing woodpile next to the driveway.